Favorite Habitat Tools

I’ve tried to give an answer to the OPs question several times buts it’s hard to narrow the tools down
First, real men have one of these for tsi and keeping the ticker in shape. Anyone can use power equipment. Kidding. Kinda.

Hard to function w/o a tractor even tho in the past I have. It’s to mow plots, spread seed, move logs , fix roads.... jst hard to beat.

But wo the atv so hard to drag a deer , plant a crop, or access the back ridge wo sweat for work w the chainsaw.

So my dilemma. What item would I not want to be wo for habitat management?? That would be a weapon of some type. With it I can manage predator and prey whether it be on private or public land thus controlling the factors that affect any amount of food and security needed by the deer. And enjoy the process also. All the other are extras. This is the only real requirement for habitat management.


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