Fall Fool Plot Advice

I wanted to add a small 1/4 fall food plot this year but with time it has been hard. I’ve already completed a soil sample and sprayed with gly (two weeks ago). There was a fair amount of ferns, so I went in a bush hogged Friday. I still need to lime, fertilize, and spread seed. Going with Antler King Trophy clover cause I have a bag. I was gonna lime tomorrow but am I wasting time trying to plant this late in the game. Planting date says in my region from aug 15- Sep 15.
Plant it with WR grain...clover won’t do much this fall but come spring it is going to take off and the allopathic properties of the WR will keep weeds and grasses at bay while it is establishing and then next spring, summer, and fall you will have great clover!
If those are your recommended planting dates, it looks to me like you have plenty of time. I would go for it and add some grain like Johnny has recommended above.
I guess you were referring to effectiveness of the lime. Get in out as soon as possible and plant away. You might get couple bags of Fast Acting Lime
Not too late at all, but you wont see any significant clover this fall. As stated above, use a cover crop of winter rye, that stuff will grow on a rock so at least something will be green for your deer this fall. Next Spring the rye will come up and then you can mow it down and it will be done, leaving your clover.