Fall catkins??


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Are these catkins? Sure look like it but I'm a first time Chestnut grower. These popped up in the last few days on one of my Chestnut Hill trees from Walmart. Is this normal for late summer?

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Yes, that's what it is. The tree has been confused by all its been through coming from home to the store. Chances are it will get straightened out over the next couple of years. Not the best situation, but hopefully will work out. My worst fear would be that it might not be going through the natural process of winding down for winter dormancy and could get another unexpected shock. Not much a guy can do about something like that, but I hope it works out for you. Best wishes.
I hope it works out also! If not I am not out much, I bought 2 for 11 bucks a piece on clearance. I have 41 Dunstan hybrids and Chinese chestnut seedlings in gallon root pouches right next to them for a backup plan. I transferred the Walmart trees too 5'gallon rootmakers after I got them home. The leaves have shown signs of stress from transplanting and jap beetles but the one with catkins has put on over 2' of top growth since purchase. It is pushing 8' in the pot. It seems to be hardening off decent so hopefully it gets it's seasons straight.

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I have it happening to one of mine right now, but it's been in the ground 2 years. The tree just emerged from the tube it's in, so I imagine the catkin is related to the trees sudden massive upgrade in exposure to light.