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Has anyone else tried them?I bought around 8 months ago,it worked for a bit was ok not great.Then it quit and I sent it back in,didn't hear anything for couple months.They finally said they mismarked it and they sent me another one.It didn't take very good pics at all especially night pics.I sent them samples and have been waiting a couple months for some upgrade that should improve flash.
You're having all sorts of problems finding a decent camera! Wish I could help but my luck hasn't been great either. I got a Moultrie a couple of years ago and had to send it back several times. They gave me brand new ones each time I sent one back but it took several tries before I ended up with one that works. I've had that one a couple of years now. I had a Cuddelink for 1 year before it broke. Replaced it with a Browning StrikeForce that I've had out a week.
I have no exp with the brand listed....thus far my favorite I have tried for under $100 is Browning...I set mine on video with Lithium batteries and have been real pleased thus far.... I consider a $100 cam a success if you get 2 years out of them. Most budget minded cams simply are a years use and done...from my experiences.
I bought one but don't want any more. I had trouble with mine and had to send it back. They did fix it and last time I checked it was working, but I'm spoiled on Reconyx.

One problem is the tiny screens on the Exodus are hard for me to see in bright sunlight. I can read others just fine but not that one.
I have run everything from $28 tasco's to $500 Reconyx. They each have their pluses and minuses. Most will take passable daytime pictures - for a little while. Quite a few are greatly lacking at night. Tasco takes a decent daytime pic, generally a poor nighttime pic, and has been very unreliable for me - thus, it is not a useable camera - for me. Reconyx take great pics and have good longevity and customer service. But, I run about 20 cameras - some on my own property, some on public ground, and some on bear baits on a lease two hours away. There is something about strapping $10,000 to trees for anyone or anything to steal or destroy - makes them unusable for me, also. I have had ok success with Moultrie, cuddeback, bushnell, and Browning. I have tried others that I would say I have not even had OK success with. The camera that works best - for me - is a Browning Strikeforce. Good daytime pics, passable nighttime pics, decent battery life - $140, and have never had one quit working (except if they went under water) - some now over four years old. You have to figure out what is best for you.
I have 1 exodous and it has worked fairly well. Night time photos are not the strong suit. Daytime photos are fine, and video is sufficient. I care most about reliability...and it has been good for 2 full seasons. I’m done w/ Bushnell. I think I have a collection of over 20 that died. On average, they lasted about 15 months. I figure I’ve got a lifetime supply of decoys....
Run 2 Reconyx and a pile of older Coverts and misc. Browning’s. Browning’s take better photos/video but older Coverts have been notably more reliable. My two new Coverts have both had issues. Rencoyx just keep working but are way too expensive given how many cameras I run, and how frequently they sprout legs.
I have three of them, had trouble with one they sent me a replacement within days, My bushnell worked better but their service was horrible.
I still haven't received word that they have fix for terrible night pics that they promised 2 months ago,waste of money.My 28.00 cams take better pics
I bought an exodus trek this past season and was pleased with it. The batteries lasted all season and it took pretty decent pics, both day and night. I had it placed in a fairly low traffic area, so I plan to put it in one of my better spots next year to take advantage of its reliability. Plus it has a warranty so if it does fail I can get it replaced. I’d rate it in my top 3 cameras at this point. I got a cabelas outfitter camera last year also that I’ve been very pleased with. My buddy has been running a couple new covert cameras this season and had pretty decent luck with them from a reliability standpoint. My next purchase will be a browning based on the reviews I’ve seen from this forum alone.

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My first one quit after a month,I then waited a couple months to get replacement because they said it got mis labeled.Now I am waiting on an firmware upgrade that is supposed make it take at least decent night pics but still no word on that
Exodus Lift II for me, purchased in March last year and sent in for repair/replacement in early fall. There was some amount of time involved in getting the replacement but not unreasonable so all in all it wasn't a bad experience imo.
Day video link, several short vids were put together, has sound. Click on the word vimeo for a larger viewing screen.
Night video, has sound.
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Sucks to hear people having poor customer service from them, I literally got a call within minutes of sending a text to them, they next dayed me a new camera.
To their credit I had a call from them soon as well, actually within minutes. I was given an RA # for returning the camera which I used to send it the next day.
Two months later and after too many emails from me with very little response from them I finally had my replacement.
That didn't set too well with me, certainly wasn't the type service I had expected from them. Could have been an inventory timing thing I guess but showing me a little common courtesy in returning my emails and following up on their shipping date promises would have gone a long ways towards soothing things over with me, unfortunately they did neither.
Never owned a reconyx but i've had most of the other brands, cant say one has ever been worth the money when it comes down to it though.
Still nothing else from them,getting tired of sitting here with a camera thats no better than a 10 year old bushnell