Escaped the winter to chase hogs again


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I try to sneak in a hog hunt down south every late winter to get a break from the cold up north. My nephew was getting married in Miami and we were visiting my in-laws in Naples for a few days so I made it happen. Doubled down with my brand new Xpedition Xcursion 6. Tried a new recipe that was delicious. I posted it here:

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Good job Weasel ! Unfortunately, we have them 24/7/365. Next time, come to Texas and help eradicate (impossible:() some of these suckers.
Thanks. I’ve done my share of carnage on Texas hogs too. Usually my go to place. I killed 4 near Nixon, TX last spring.
My buddy and I are at 20 as of a couple weeks ago for 2018. We plan to increase that tomorrow night if they show.
Cool Weasel, did you have a set up on private ground or public? stand or spot/stalk?