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There used to be a thread on QDDMA about the electric fence and what spacing was right to keep deer out.I believe the spacing was inner fence,18' up and then 5' up single wire and the outer fence split the difference in half and about 2 feet back.Does anyone know where I can get the thread back from or can anyone conform these measurements? I am building a new enclosure for deer trees specifically DCO and chestnut and don't want to tube them above about 2.5 feet cause I want them to bush out .I want to keep the deer out of that section for many,many years.
Check out the Gallagher style electric fence, it's what you are looking for. I didn't have much success when I tried it, but most people to seem to like it.

I had some threads bookmarked from the old QDMA forum but they are gone for good now.
OK,I just youtubed a bunch of deer electric fences and the inside measurement is 18,36 and 54" and the outside is 18' all about 3' apart.I did this once for some eagle beans and now I am making one big tree plot to keep deer out instead of individual cages.I had forgotten the measurements.I am going to keep it sprayed dead all over the whole deal. The whole thing will help me protect the bushy DCO and chestnuts and who knows what else Ill get into.Its going to basically be a big direct seed plot.
Dang Gallager says 10" and 24" on the inside and 24" on the outside. Totally different,I guess as long as its a double fence there might not be that big a deal on the distances.
I have an electric fence to keep the deer out of our thousands of daylilies. It works almost perfectly until the snow gets too deep but then the deer leave it alone anyway. My spacing is outside-15 and 30 inches, inside 15,30,45,and added a 60. Put surveyors tape on the wire to help the deer see it. Put peanut butter on aluminum foil and attach to the wire to train the deer that the wire is hot. Deer training is a good idea-NO make that a must in the absolute beginning of turning the fence on.
Any fence breaches are caused by small fawns or roaming deer in June, and again during the rut--average number of breaches is one per year.
Thank you sir! Do you by chance have any pictures of what you're talking about with the spacing. Not entirely sure what those numbers represent?

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Its 2 fences that are about 3' apart.The measurements are distances from the ground.My fence has 2 on the outside and 3 on the inside.Im killing every blade of grass inside my enclosure with spray and whatever else I can find.These 2 trees Ive picked out really branch out and I am protecting them this way instead of individual cages.
I recently watched an episode of Pat and Nicole "Driven TV" and it was all about plotting.
They used snow fencing attached to T posts and another layer of some type of mesh netting above that.
Not sure of cost, but their rationale was that you buy it once and can reuse it year after year and that it works.
My aunt uses that stuff she got a Lowes that way,I just cant see it for a really large enclosure,I bet it would cost way more than an electric fence,just a guess though.
My aunt uses that stuff she got a Lowes that way,I just cant see it for a really large enclosure,I bet it would cost way more than an electric fence,just a guess though.

Not sure what an electric fence costs to enclose one acre, but based on my research the snow fence, netting along with T-posts will run around $600-$650 per acre.
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OK,Prob about the same I guess.Its just something about an electric fence that intriges me/easy to get the weeds out ect.Either way,the deer stay out.Wonder how long the snow fence stuff and other netting lasts?Ive still got my money on an electric fence lasting longer and being cheaper,as well as being more attractive.