Easter Eats


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EA87A8D3-4E65-4E9B-B662-5A65E5BD4044.jpeg E017EAA2-9BCB-4ADE-94C8-09D41FFA578C.jpeg With too much snow still on the mountain to really even get around, I focused on seeing the clan was well fed. Too quote my son, “this doesn’t suck.” The prime rib was rubbed with what else but Traeger’s prime rib rub and cooked to 133( about 4.75 hrs at 200). The wings were wiped with olive oil and coated with Traeger poultry and pork rub (I prefer the sweet bbq rub but we ran out). They were smoked at 180 until they hit 165 (about 2.5 hrs). There are worse ways to endure late winter weather than good eats around the woodstove watching all of the Star Wars episodes with the family.
Elk - That looks fantastic! I'll have to try the wings at the lower temp like you did. I do mine at 300 and spritz with apple cider vinegar while cooking. Bout an hr at 300 and their nice and crispy. Never done them at 200 for longer. I'm sure that throws more smoke flavor on em. You use apple wood pellets on your poultry?