eagle beans


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well I planted eagle beans this year. I am very happy with how they can handle browse. They truly do continue to keep growing!!

One thing I am a bit disappointed in, I don't think they have any pods on them at all? Do they just need a bit more time? check my thread below for pictures of them, they are fairly tall!
They are a very late maturing bean. So depending on your planting date and your location with determine if you get pods. I plant mine here in Oklahoma around the middle to end of April (soil Temps around 70). Mine are just now starting to flower.
I am in south Georgia and my Big Fellow Eagle beans are just now starting to flower. I have had them planted since 1st of May. They really do handle the browsing pressure. I thought they were done a couple times in our drought and the deer had ate all the leaves off of them but we would get just enough rain for them to rebound. I never fenced them in or tried to keep the deer off either because I planted them for the deer.
If you want some pods/beans get the manager's mix, about one third of the bag is an earlier producer that will get beans. I have switched to this for plots that I am leaving through the winter. It still handles the browse pressure and I get good deer activity late season in the plots with the beans it produces. It won't be as much as regular soybeans but it is enough to keep deer in the plots through hunting season. Depends on what you are looking for and how big your plot is vs deer densities.
I planted some last year in southern Iowa and had germination on May 10th. They grew huge and put on plenty of pods. I didn't plant them this year because they were so tall the deer would just disappear in the field and I couldn't see them even from a tower blind.