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Ok guys I am not familiar with dogwoods for wildlife. My neighbor has offered me a handful of Grey Dogwood saplings. He tells me that grey dogwoods are a thicket forming, root suckering tree like native plumbs. Does anybody know if there is much wildlife value to these trees? I know that they are free but bow season is getting under way and time is at a premium so I don't care to use up space if they aren't beneficial to my wildlife. I can use the space for a more beneficial hard or soft last trees. Thoughts.......?

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I watch deer browse grey dogwoods outside my kitchen window often. Turkeys have flown up in them to eat the berries. They like them on my farm. Your neighbor is correct that they make thickets. Once yours get producing berries the birds will spread the seeds around and you will have thickets showing up other places on your farm.
That's good to know. I assume that these dogwoods are native? I like the idea of thicket forming but I already have to deal with bush honeysuckle, autumn olive, and multiflora rose. I really don't want to introduce a plant that is gonna take over and choke out all the goodies that I am trying to get established.

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I don't know about your state but they are native to NE but my guess is they are native to your state as well.