Doe in heat urine in bulk

Anyone ever buy and use doe in heat urine in bulk? Like half gallon. i go out to Indiana and hunt some big woods during the rut and the buck to doe ratio is 1 to 1 at best where we go. Days when we see a hot doe the woods blows up. I Have always wanted to try recreate that hot doe in the area but think you need to do it with more then an ounce.

Anyone ever give it a try?
I started hunting during Reagan's first term. I have to admit, I bought Tink's 69 before my first season. Over time, I came to question doe estrus products and scent products as a whole. When you think about it, how many deer would you have to have in order to harvest that much urine over less than a week a year in order to have thousands of bottles of it available for market the next year?

What would you do with them the rest of the year? That's a lot of deer feed.

So you collect all this urine and bottle it. Now you have to store it for a year and still have it fresh enough for use on next year's Opener. How does that work?

I'm just asking questions. I'm not saying I have the answers.
Lets put it another way. How would you ever know, or even determine if it's even doe in heat urine? How about cow urine? Do you think you can tell the difference between cow urine and doe in heat urine? I guarantee if you bend a branch over, or take a saw and make a licking branch that sticks out where you're hunting and just use your own urine on it, you will have many, many bucks visit and usually in the first 48 hours..
Good link.

You want a tried and true tip? Try whizzing off your stand. No kidding! Back when I was on D&DH, I decided to test a whole bunch of accepted principles. One was this thing about carrying out your own urine. What got me thinking about it was one day I was out with #3 son. He was about 7, and this was his first year following me into the stand. We'd been up the tree for a couple of hours, and he needed to whizz. Rather than sending him down the ladder, I decided to just let him go off the back of the buddy stand. 5 minutes later, a doe came and walked right past the stand. A little later a small buck showed up.

That got me wondering. That was 12 years ago. I can tell you that I have experimented with this to the point that I frequently have deer show up immediately after leaking off the blind. My guess is they hear it and it sounds close enough to acorns falling that they come to investigate. I've had doe come up and smell it. I've had one young one roll in it.

In my last year at D&DH, I asked folks on the forum to try bringing a water bottle to the stand and testing plain water. A few said they'd try it, but I never got results back. The forum kind of imploded that fall, and it was turned off the next spring.
Buckly, to be honest, i think if you open the bottle and the urane is brown is doesnt matter because this basically ammonia anyway. If i was buying from a deer farm i would trust that it was deer urine. But you are right, you wouldnt know.

Shaman, d&dh is a great show. I really enjoy Steve B's content.

I have always tried not to do it but On all day sits The only other choice is to get down which isnt fun in a climber. I have never noticed much of a difference either way. Maybe it isnt possible to truely replicate a hot doe. All i know is that we have hunted this area for 4 years now and we can go for days and only see a few deer but when a hot does comes through the woods explodes with bucks. Its almost the opposite in nepa because our ratio favors does heavely.