Do deer like figs?


I am planning to plant a fruit orchard type area. It will definitely include pears, crabapples, persimmon and plums. But does anyone know if deer eat or like figs (the fruit, I'm not concerned with the plant as it would be protected.)
I would think it would depend on what else is available to them. My guess is they would prefer something else though I would think if it was the only option they would eat a fig.
Well hell. I've read up on figs before and wanted to grow them but figured they were too chancy. Now that you guys are saying they might be one of the few fruits that could be grown without deer damage I'm thinking about it again. If I remember right "Chicago" was advertised as cold hardy.
I live 15 miles North of Springfield, MO, which is about 500 miles SW of Chicago. I planted two Chicago Hardy Figs. The fig that's against the foundation of the house dies back to the root every Fall and grows back every Summer; the figs never ripen before die back. The other fig died.

I posed this same question on the old forum and no one indicated that deer ate figs, though it was my guess that they would, since deer like sweet fruit.
I just planted 6 figs ( 3 are tree size, 3 are bush variety) this past weekend. Right next to my parking spot and my blueberry patch. The bush should have some figs next year so i will try and update if there is any browse.
They do eat some of ours. We've got 4 lg. (10') tall fig trees & get about 40-50 figs/day for 6 weeks late summer. Honestly the deer aren't too bad, it's the dang yellowjackets that are the worst for us!