Delta Forage Peas


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Local coop doesn't have 4010 field peas, they either have AWP or Delta forage peas. Similar price difference. For a fall food plot, any reason I shouldn't get the forage peas?
Depending on your deer density, it won't make much difference which pea you plant, or what time of year. If you have more than 10-12 DPSM, or you have little ag in your area, every single plant will be gone long before the first frost. Like many others, I have stopped including the expensive AWP's in my established fall food plots. The deer in my area know where the food is, and have essentially no better option in the area, so my plots get hammered, with or without peas in them. If this will be a brand new food plot location this fall, including actual AWP's will absolutely attract deer and get them used to the idea of feeding in your plot. If it's an established plot, and it's less than 3-4 acres in size, the value of peas is dubious, in my experience. Deer ALWAYS eat dessert first...and that's what peas represent in a food plot. Just know that they'll almost certainly be long gone before the first day of archery season rolls around.
Looks like Delta aren't too different than the 4010. I ended up getting a bag of each and I'll see if there's any difference.
I also have never been super impressed with the winter peas. The last two years I have substituted the peas with sunflowers in my fall plantings. Get more bang for my buck. Dang deer never let the peas get established.
I think Jason has nailed it. I continue using peas in my new plots and as everybody is seeing;the deer gobble them up. I still include them in established plots but only at half the rate. I don't see any performance/preference difference between 4010 and AWP. I simply buy what peas I can get at the most reasonable price. It very likely is a mute point for established plots but the peas are surely a draw and help in getting a following in new plots.
When comparing AWP to Forage peas- Do the AWP over winter and come back well in the spring? If they do over winter, I like the idea that will provide forage in the spring and summer. However if they are mowed to the ground, I don't think they would be able to regenerate in the spring.