Deer Stand Views....

This stand sits between 2 creeks and stays fairly wet

Same stand but looking east
View out of my son's stand, yes Chuck that's where I hunted today, looking north. This is the top to a fairly steep ridge. I'll have my throw and mow oats out here in just a bit.

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What was growing before you mowed?

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Some native flowers plus quite a few tree sprouts. They come back every year though. We usually plant wheat here a little earlier, but with work and lack of rain, I'm just now getting them in.

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Got a million dollar view from one of my 360 Hunting Blinds. Food plot, fall trees, and what we call Pennsylvania mountains, 2500 feet high, six miles away.View attachment 9964
Food plot is better than it looks in top photo, clover, chicory, and ripe soybeans.View attachment 9965
Nice. I have good friend in Dubois that hunts north section of PA. He hated new rules originally but now is an advocate. He's worthless but I have a hard time getting friends. LOL