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Mennoniteman, your stand name story reminds me of my uncle. He is a faithful man, been in the same Mennonite church for his entire life, and hides the moonshine out in the barn.
This thread is getting me pumped. Here is one of my favorite spots. Deer feel so comfortable at this little honey hole, they show up all hours of the day. I call this "Little Bean" because of the shape of the plot.
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We call this is so close to the house i use it for a guest stand. The only reason i hunt it is because it is frequented by the hogs...

You can see the stand in the back case you are wondering, the Hogs are winning.


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Mine are pretty lame...I have the Honey Hole, Corner Stand, Middle Stand, Apple Row Stand, Ground Blind Corner, Cris Cross 80, Black Bear Alley
Honey hole is like a 30-30. Deer stands named "The Honey Hole" have probably killed more deer than any other stand name that there is. I've hunted with numerous different outfits that had a honey hole stand, usually for good reason. Your names are not lame because for someone they hold good memories of great hunts, often with great people who've passed on since.
I hunted out of a camp that had a three sided outhouse with no door that was called the "Thunder Bucket". I also saw a cabin named "Breaking Wind". But the best name I ever saw for a deer camp was "It Don't Matter". Just imagine what all can happen in deer camp. It Don't Matter.
This is the view from my stand. I just bush hogged this field last week and used roundup on the sweet gum with a hack and squirt method.
I left a strip of brush along the field in front of my stand and the cross fence as well.
I've got to work this weekend so I'll miss the bow opener in 90 degree heat, but Chuck and I have two days circled first week of Oct!

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This was my view with my daughter Saturday morning from our shooting house.......hiding in plain sight as they say.

Looking east out over the soybean field as the sun was coming up....
Youth hunt view 2.jpg

Looking west an hour or so later overlooking a small plot/orchard......
Youth hunt view 1.jpg


Posted this on the property thread, but View from new stand. I have a good feeling about this spot, creek to the right, pines to the left. Oaks interspersed.

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