Deer hunting middle Tn 2019


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Thanks it was long wait to get this deer but he finally showed himself last week dec 11 here he was in velvet in aug

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Congrats on a fine buck kk and welcome to the forum! Always loved Murfreesboro. I stayed there regularly when I traveled to Nashville on biz. 15 years ago I always carried my sticks and played the Old Fort golf course when visiting. Middle TN is some beautiful country.
Thanks triple c yes I play old fort every Tuesday great golf course .. Iam glad you enjoyed mboro it’s a big city now growing everyday lots traffic lol lol

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Most good things don't come until after a long wait, I believe it's God teaching us patience. That is a nice buck.
Thanks it’s long eye relief scope takes little getting use to but it’s quick recognition and you can use both eyes works great with ruger gunsight scout rifles

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I love that ruger gunsite prob one favorite rifle short barrel good in brush just good around gun

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