Cutting Crimson Red and orchard radishes

dale lockwood

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Can you mow or cut them, and will they regenerate growth? Have both as new plants this year.
Radishes are growing like mad, and deer love them at 6 inches. Been planted for 6 weeks will they dry up before fall?

Red Crimson I know is an annual and wonder how many weeks before it seeds, and will it stay green all thru the fall/? First frost is around Oct. 1

Lot of questions from me but appreciate all the help.
Don’t cut either. Let them grow. When it gets hot, the crimson will fade but it will reseed. The radish you want to get as big as possible. (The deer won’t let it but you get the point)

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They are loving my radishes after 6-7 weeks planted and maybe 8 plus inches high with very large leaves and dense planting Love them for first time on these. Deer already love them. How long will leaves stay green before they turn brown? Also how much regrowth as deer eat the leaves?
It’s common for lots of people in your state to overseed a food plot with cereal rye (not rye grass) if the deer eat the plot down too early. That’s something you might keep in mind. Cereal rye will stay green all winter to some degree and keep feeding well.