Cuddeback Ambush IR


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So went to get my cameras out of storage last night and having an issue with the battery pack on one of 3 Cuddeback Ambush IR cameras. The battery pack is corroded. The corrosion is not from the batteries because I take them out at the end of the season before I store them away. The two other packs are fine. For some reason that camera isn't really water tight. Anyone have any suggestions? I usually hit it with a wire brush and it starts working but not this time. Its not the camera because I can put another battery pack from another camera and it works fine. Any suggestion? Anyone have an old broken camera with a good battery pack that they are willing to part with? Anyone know if the current cameras they sell at Dicks or Field and Stream are the "same" battery pack? I really like these cameras, would hate to have one go down for a 25 cent part!!!!

Can you post pics? Maybe some one can take a look and make a suggestion on what to do. Maybe reflow some solder on the battery tabs? Also as Joseph mentioned above see if you can use an external battery pack with it.
You can order them from cuddeback for fairly cheap. We have had some do that as well and a while back just ordered 5 or so as extras.
Thanks for the suggestions and I will post a pic. I have not contacted CB because I looked at their website and found nothing that they currently sell that looks like the ones I have. I probably should contact them. I currently have a guy that is very knowledgeable in stuff like this. I have very little electrical knowledge.


Just a quick update on my issue, my buddy that I gave this too, found the issue. The positive post of the output that contacts to the camera had some corrosion on it and it was actually "broke" He tried to solder it with no luck. So he drilled a small hole and just added a small screw and nut. Works great in ready for the field.