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At the end of last year I had 3 of my 12 covert cameras draining batteries over a 3 week period or so. Figured I'd would bring them in for the year and let them dry out and try again in late summer. Set them up last month in my garage to re test them...and yep they still drain batteries. Any suggestions besides not buying converts again? I hit up their customer service last week, but they are silent on their end. Pretty much set in stone that I need to find a new brand of camera.

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Bushnell or Brownings are, IMO, the best of the mid-priced cameras. Covert has lots of complaints about customer service. Good luck.
I've never had issues with their customer service, I wouldn't give up on that option.

The bottom two cameras look like MP6's, they haven't used those metal latches in 5 years. My guess is they won't be under warranty at that age but you never know.

I rarely have cameras make it to 5+ but the few I do have that old are Coverts. I've never purchased any of the really expensive options (Reconyx) or others. Generally, I'm pretty happy with 3-4 years out of a $80-$150 camera. If they last longer great but I certainly don't count on it. But...mine are out year-round.
I haven't heard anything yet from covert so i hit them up again at Over the past week or so I had them hooked up to 4.5 Ah 6V batteries and I have been taking volatages everyday. I used an old MP8 Red that i had as a control. You can see the data in the attached pictures. The cameras have taken about 1000 pictures. Does anyone remember what the cut off voltage for theses things are? IMG_20190910_180825862_HDR.jpg
IMG_20190910_213001429.jpg IMG_20190910_213023979.jpg
And the correct email for customer service is:

877-472-1799 is the customer support number. Holy told me all emails and voicemails are returned prior to the end of each day.

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