Quite a warrior


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Here's a pic of an entry level Primos that I got 3 or 4 years ago for about 40 bucks. I set it out in a reed bed January 17 this year - - and promptly lost it. Was out last week and stumbled across it. It had taken 2544 exposures and was still operating, showing 70% battery remaining!! Even more amazing is that this cam is a survivor of a prior bear attack. Here's a cell phone pic of it as I found it - note teeth marks through the IR fresnel lens. Put clear tape over them and it's still ticking! Just plain old Costco alkaline batteries. Well, I'm putting lithium rechargeable into it now and putting it back to work. Makes up for some of the other $40 junk units I've tried in the past.
Well, I guess there won't be any pics of the cam. Unable to upload file from my photos files. 80 year old brain encounters 2020 technology.