Controlling blackberry briars


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The briars are a couple years removed from completely taking over our small acreage around our house. How can I get them back under control without eliminating them (don’t know if that would even be possible at this point)? I don’t want to mow them down because of other cover and trees they are around. Should I spot spray with remedy? That’s the go-to for most of the ranchers around here who deal with them. They should be blooming soon, which is the optimum time to spray them.
Triclopyr, the active ingredient in Remedy, is supposed to be highly effective on blackberry briars so spraying them should work well.

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Good luck. I've wat had them practically take over pastures around our place. I want no part of that mess and spray any that I find. I use triclopyr but it's always on a fresh start so I don't know how effective it is in established thickets.

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Thanks guys. I’ll start spraying when they bloom, I’ll have to be careful, they are close to wanted shrubs and trees in several places.