Consensus on failed beans area


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I have a 4AC ridge top(old log landing) that has been in clover and a 3/4AC brassica plot on the lower end Clover being at it's end...I am trying to get some plant matter into the soil which is basically a light clay ....this year I planted milo in all the upper portion and along the sides (think horse shoe shape) leaving the 3/4AC Brassica plot planted in beans ....yes stupid hurts! ...hammered OK nice ..let's not talk about my IQ here

So I THINK I want to broadcast and drag/roll something in the lost bean spot that might interest the deer but then possibly do a throw n mow like in late August?

Help me out'a the box boys!

Blizzard ridges suggestion is exactly what I am doing to. although I am not sure how tall the beans should be right now, judging by farmers fields they are right size but seems weird that the eagle beans should be 4ft or whatever high and they only 6" and its end of june and they were planted mid may
Vandy I don't plant Eagle beans but I do know that beans really won't take off until about mid July. They need the heat to really get to growing good. By mid July my beans should be getting a good canopy and be about waste high. This is a different year for me though. My beans didn't get planted until just a couple weeks ago so I am guessing end of July to first of August before they get to that point. I actually just planted some beans over this past weekend. In Wisconsin I am guessing yours were be behind where I am in East Central Illinois.
Top sew some brassica (radish/turnip) and cereal grains (oats/wheat/rye) into the failed beans at the proper time and call it good. You can mix in an annual clover as well if you like.

I add these to my bean plots regardless just for diversity.

Failure - is just a way to understand what doesn't work. Learn from it, adapt, and move forward.

Bean crop here is behind as well. Lots of bare dirt still visible in bean fields in my area - in some places they are just starting to canopy.
Beans take some acreage to survive if you have a good herd and a secluded field. I say go with LC brassica mix too.
Well went to this troubled spot again today ....beans look like a sickle mower was used on them ...then raked up and hauled off the trimmings! ...I put down a heavy dose of buckwheat , wheat and Urea to get the bare dirt growing something positive (not grass/weeds) then mid august throw n mow ...?????

I would say there is a real good chance you are going to struggle with a bean plot at this location. If they are hammering them already with everything else in the woods and fields greened up the beans may never have a chance to canopy. I had one 2 acre bean plot I planted last year that didn't have a chance from day 1. One way to look at it though is your deer are being well fed until they wipe the beans out completely. The other good thing is there should be plenty of bare dirt to throw your fall brassica mix out on this fall. See you can always find a positive when plotting :)