Commercial Tower Blind Help

Looking at purchasing some tower blind for my property rather than building a bunch that "might" last. What would you all recommend. I know Redneck gets a lot of support online, but that could because its what being sponsored out. Looking for a blind for both gun/bow hunting.
I would say redneck and muddy are top of line some others that may not have all the polished features are lazy man,maverick,and some that places like sportsmans guide sells.Alot of those you have to build yourown tower.I have a redneck with a 5 ft tower
I have no problem building the tower. I just wasn't sure if im better off to buy one or continue the idea of building them.
I built a 6x8 2x6 platform on 6 4x4x12 posts for around 400.00. Set a redneck buck palace on it. A 10' base is 800.00. I did it cheaper, but forget about moving it.
I went redneck because of quality and size. 60" I my opinion is not big enough to draw my bow. 72" is like an efficiency apartment. Also I wanted something tight enough to hunt any wind. I haven't sat in it yet but it certainly seems tight. Seems pretty rugged too.
We have 3. I’ve looked at Muddy and Shadow Hunters but am unimpressed. There are some great blinds made in TX but they are more $ and not as easy to arrange shipping. We’ll pick up 2 more next year. They are a game changer for swirling winds when bow hunting. You do need to air them out in advance of the season. We leave the windows open for a weekend and then leave several boxes of baking soda in them during the season. They do get musty smelling otherwise. You need to make sure door seals are snug. We have one the mice have gotten into a couple times. Final comment is the need to check screws holding window glass every year—they need to be kept snug. I’ve been pleased with Redneck customer service when ordering and getting questions answered. We have one magnum and 2 predators. The bigger ones are a lot to man handle when installing. I find the smaller ones adequate for a single bow hunter. The stands are well made. Install time is substantially less the 2nd or third time. Personally, for the time and effort associated with building a solid 10’ tower, I’d buy the Redneck stand.
I like metal building pole barns with metal roofs and no windows because they last a very long time with zero maintenance. I like Redneck blinds for the same reason. So far they have held up perfectly and had to snug up a door handle on one as flys were getting in--once snugged up zero flys. Fix took only a minute.

And they are a great company to do business with. I have zero experience with other tower blinds.
My oldest stick built box is 25 years old. Granted , it needs a little love this year, but they all will outlast me. Put together with screws, they can be dis-assembled and moved. To each his own, but I'm not going to change.
Check out 360Huntingblinds built by Pennsylvania Amish, I have 3 and my friends have dozens, all happy customers.
The redneck metal stand make4s it easy and there is a anchor that goes in directly below the stand.They also have some good prices online for their chairs and other components