Clover mowing

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A few weeks ago I treated the grass in this clover plot to a dose of Cleth. The recent drought has helped the Cleth to do its job, and as you can see, the grasses are toast. You will also note that my clover has matured and the heads are turning brown. Normally I would mow this just high enough to scatter the seed, but due to lack of rain, I'm thinking I shouldn't touch it now until fall. Thoughts?

I don’t mow clover once it gets hot and dry. I did mow yesterday with the hog set high to clip the weed seed heads but not the clover and I mowed the WW high in the perennial plots in prep for brassica seeding in 3 wks.
We’ve had some storms but it’s amazing how dry the ground is especially on some of my ridge top south facing plots.

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I like to buzz my white clover when it's hot. My version of hot isn't quite as hot as what you guys may get though. It's the only weak point in the growing season other than early spring that offers an opportunity for the throw and mow guy to get something else to come up in it for fall.