Closing Wheel Options for Great Plains Drill


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When I ordered my Great Plains 706NT a couple of years ago, I didn't know what I didn't know. I worked with a dealer who was great, and I trusted him to pick out some of the options for me. One of those options was the type of closing wheels. I'm afraid I picked the wrong type.

Here are the options:


I have the center rib press wheels (2nd from the left), and they do a poor job of closing the seed trench. If I'm planting into any type of residue at all (which is the point of a no till drill), between the hairpinning and the closing wheels I very often have exposed seed left behind in an open seed trench.

My corn planter has closing wheels like the ones on the far right. Why does GP say "not suggested for food plot planting"? I feel like I would have more success with more aggressive closing wheels.

Any suggestions for what I'm doing wrong with the current wheels, or am I on the right track with switching to a different type?

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I have never used a drill, but would think the far right would be a better option. The only difference I see between food plots and farming is plot size.
They probably cover with more soil and they are afraid it will be too much for NWSG and smaller food plot seed.I have the same issue with my kasco but it uses a cultipacker.Alot of the old drill used a piece of chain behind the seed tubes to cover the seed
I have the center ribs, and I am happy. Mine closes well if I'm within reason on soil moisture when planting. Only times I've really had problems is when the ground was really too wet to be planting. I think the angled press wheels shine in conventional tillage with looser soil than NT conditions.
The GP drills I have used have the single press wheel on the left. It will occasionally leave an open trench in conditions that you describe but it hasn't seemed to have hampered germination in my plots. I think the wheel you have is a good all around option and probably why your dealer steered you that way. Interested to hear if anyone has any of the other types on a Great Plains and their experiences.
I have the center rib and like them. I've noticed issues when drilling to wet or bare hard ground. In these conditions raise your hitch on the tractor a little bit to get more down pressure on the closers.
Thanks for the replies. I think the soil was too wet when I planted. Will try again in different soil conditions.
Good read. Thanks for posting.

Luckily, it looks like cowpeas don't care if the seed trench is closed or not. We've gotten steady rain since I planted as well.



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I think getting it all correct is a complicated issue.

Excellent article in the link.
Drills and drilling conditions are much harder to understand
than disk and broadcasting.
The results from drilling are very dependent upon the operator being aware of changing conditions in the field.
I only have a conventional drill with offset openers. Getting the seed in the ground has not been a problem. Closing the trench not so good. Have used in various conditions including drilling into ten year old byhalia (sp) sod. Got the seed to one half to one inch. Sprayed the next day. Most seed germinated but some could not handle the shade and roots from drilling into green sod. It was an experiment. The sudan sorghum did good.
I have the wheels on far left of pic. Seems to work well but it is a 2 pt with rear lift assit. I have to adjust that often to keep drill in level contact with soil.
The "cheap" farmer solution to your problem would be to take a set of the really old tractor tire chains with the extremely large, slightly twisted links and find a way to attach a section of the chain behind each packer wheel, it should fill in the blank spots enough without disturbing the closed areas.

If youre set on getting different wheels, Id start with the rubber tired V wheels, but if youre seeding into some serious sod, the cast wheels might be a good idea.

On a no till planter, I think these are the best closing wheels a guy can get. Not sure if theyd work on that V wheel assembly or not