Climate change?


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Good or bad for your land and hunting so far?

In central WI I have to declare it's been great. More moisture and warmer temps. Awesome for trees, food plots growing season and antler growth. Hope we don't get EHD up by us but it's hard to complain right now
Climate change? If only that were all there was to it. Change implies going from one static state to another. I can adapt. I can change. Its the increased climate variability that I don't know how to handle. Some plants can't either. If it's not zero when it should be zero....and then it is, that's a problem. Fruit trees here have gotten hammered the last couple of years. Year before was so dry nothing grew. Last year it was so wet nothing got planted. But, on average, things are just perfect! Rainfall last March was about average. Unfortunately, most of it came the last two days of the month followed by two more days at the beginning of April. Twelve inches of rain in four days...over two months. Nothing before nothing after! What climate change?
We humans are funny creatures. We whine when it's too cold, we complain when it's too hot, and it never rains when we want it to. They have been tracking weather for over 130 years, so they would like us to believe but in all this time have they ever accounted for accuracy of instruments used? Mercury in a glass tube versus digital? Or maybe instead of whining about the Arctic shrinking figure out why the Antarctic is growing or maybe what caused it to freeze in first place creating the coast lines we have today? Water came from somewhere? Also, has anyone ever stopped and considered that maybe the earth, out here in space spinning at 1040 mph has tilted ever so slightly off it's previous axis causing the rise in temps? If so maybe it was caused by the weight of a let's say the addition of 600 billion new humans in the last 200 years or maybe from Rosie O'donnell doing a cannonball in
to the Atlantic shifting the water to the Pacific? If Al Gore wasn't getting rich off of it and if they wouldn't have fudged the numbers to push the New World Order agenda maybe I could put faith in it all. On a brighter note, if the world's human population is going to continue to grow longer growing seasons could be a blessing.
Instead of having 3 months of the same thing and then it give way to the next season - I tend to be getting all 4 season in about the span of a week! I heard spring peepers the other February?!?!? I have spring bulb flowers working on producing flowers......I had sandhill cranes migrating back north. this is all WAY TOO EARLY. Something tells me march may have a big surprise in store......wouldn't be the first time!
How quick we forget that two winters ago was the coldest on record.
See, the climate changed. Or is that the weather. We will do well to appreciate how insignificant we are to this world and its dynamics. The Ice Age did some good stuff, as do all Climate Ages. Who knows what is working now!
I like the weather the last 5 years. Yes '13 was cold but had little impact on the deer in central WI. The last couple have been wet and warm. Directionally I like the current weather pattern for deer.

We are set up for a banner year guys
If you are referring to the current weather pattern, than yes, the current weather pattern for the last few years has been good for me.

Abandoning the name Global Warming, as one normally does with lies, and replacing it with Climate Change to fit an agenda means nothing to me.
I too could care less what they call it but it's been great for deer. The forecast for march looks great.

I bet the walleyes will be running next weekend and I ordered 3 tons of fert for my plots today. Getting ready to rumble guys. Spring is here
Coldest day of winter will be Saturday. WTF, two days ago I drove around with the ac on, the high tomorrow is 14. Still have 1.5' of snow pack but that taste of spring was nice.
I think everyone is getting a little ahead of themselves. I think we will see a couple more cold blasts before we can officially call it spring. A lot can happen in March and into April.
I think everyone is getting a little ahead of themselves. I think we will see a couple more cold blasts before we can officially call it spring. A lot can happen in March and into April.
My Dad always said, and my Mother reminds me, "Thunder in February, Frost in April"
Sorta like the Groundhog thing, I think.
Leave it to America to politicize weather....
But on a serious note, makes me wonder when three weeks ago it was 87 in NW Kansas, and living in Denver, we have had an insanely mild and warm winter, but who knows, maybe next winter will be hell