Chickasaw plum

The last thicket I planted was east west rows wide enough apart to brush hog between them and plants about 6ft apart.Within a couple years there were some coming up from spreading but I would just mow once a year between rows.makes good bedding a upland bird cover.
Where are you ordering yours from?I need about 1500 for another planting but I may just tree spade some.

Kansas forestry nursery has some.

Thanks, I was thinking 6ft spacing, big space in the middle for grasses, just wasn't sure if it's better to plant actual rows and space them about 8ft apart or just randomly plant them and maintain 6ft without worrying about rows. This is mainly for deer cover and bedding in Arkansas. I'm hoping I can get by without tree tubes, with that qty did you just plant and hope you had too many to get taken out? Thanks
I have been waiting for Ks forestry to get back with me about quantity discounts.If I do plant that many I will use the pull behind seedling planter.I wouldn't worry about deer damage.They rub some but I don't know of any they killed.They will thicken up on their own thats why I planted in rows so I could mow between in spring and grass would provide cover.I have even burned through a patch of them and they survived fine as the thick patches won't have much grass in them.Don't spend the money for tubes.
I’m not sure who you are trying to reach, but I live local and Shawna Nehls is the one who always does the coordination for me. Here is her email.

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Thats a different person,I will drop them an email tomorrow.Planting them in any real quantity the pull behind style seedling planter works good
Will they sell out of state?

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When you go to checkout, these are the only out of state options.

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I think last time I talked to Kansas they were out of stock,if you don't have luck there check with MO or come did some of mine