Chestnuts and sawtooth in bear country


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Just an advisory note to those thinking of planting these for deer in bear country.

The deer will get some, but will definitely not get the lions share

I’ve got pics of bears in chestnut trees 21 days straight.

Doesn’t help I’ve got 60 mature sawtooth, apples pears and hundreds of plum all within 400 yards.

Couldn’t get out for early bear, but buddy from Ohio did. He really wanted a bear. Took him 3 hrs IMG_4800.JPG
sitting in ground blind in 92 degree heat

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Same story, different chapter for me.

I have hundreds of pounds of chestnuts falling and the hogs eat 90% of them.
Yeah, I couldn't put up with that. Bears are neat, so are hogs-----on somebody else's land.