Charging Mtn Lion

Absolutely the shotgun every time. At that distance a 12 gauge shotgun would blow the head off of a lion and be much easier to aim than a pistol. But...he did good with his pistol anyway.

If I had to face the biggest bear in the world, I would choose my turkey gun over anything else. First of all, at 40 yards I'm going to take both eyes out and at 20 yards put a hole between the eyes the size of a softball.
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Shotgun is my go-to. It's been in my hands more hours than any gun in the world and operating it is second nature. No time for mistakes...
Can't imagine anybody out pheasant hunting would drop the best weapon imaginable that is already in hand to use a pistol. The pessimist in me wonders if he saw it looking at him from 50 or 75 yards and decided to pop him with the pistol. I don't care one way or the other, but it sounds like he's a good pistol shot!