Caring for bareroots til planting


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Trees come in, look great with lots of roots but I cant plant until saturday. How would you store plants? I have them in a bucke in a cool garage with most of the roots underwater. Should i put them in the fridge after soaking until planting?

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Just keep them cool and the roots moist and you will be fine. I kept some for over a week in a bucket. Just put damp soil over the roots and kept in a cool garage. Fridge is fine also.
Ya, i wouldnt soak them more than an overnight. Keep the roots moist and cool after that until ready to plant. Ive kept them several weeks in a cool barn wrapped in their bags and peat moss. If its 70 out, then time is of the essence. A high of 55 and a low of 30? You got plenty of time.
high are in the 50s and i just have to keep them until saturday. Took them out of water this morning and placed them in dirt. Will give them the bucket treatment right before planting to rehydrate. thanks for the help
Mine came in Tuesday...500 of them...I leave them wrapped up the way the nursery sent them in a plastic lined brown paper type bag with damp peat moss until I get a chance to start planting this weekend...Once I open the bag I put only the bareroots I plan to plant that day in a 5 gallon bucket of partial water. I do not leave them in water for an extended time...
Some of mine came yesterday. My nursery uses a coating on the roots and you should not soak them. Only a mist spray as needed. If needed to keep moist while carrying around for planting, then use a mud slurry to keep them dame. Do not soak in water. I'm quoting their directions and I assume diff nurseries use diff methods.
At first i was just going to leave them in water but i figured most plants dont like wet feet for extended periods of time, dormant or not. If they are still calling for rain here saturday they may get put into the ground friday. Throat is a little itchy so I probably shouldnt take the chance of getting kids at school sick.
Thanks for the advice guys, I drained water, filled the bucket with potting soil, and made room in the beer and deer fridge for my buckets.