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I've never had any luck DE Rape. I could not find the thread where someone had good luck with canola. There is a big difference between DER and canola. Anyway I did a small test plot (July 1) in canola and GHR and it is being hammered. My deer are picky,but they love this. Thanks for the tip fellow member. Some seed places are not sure what they are selling. Some call all of it rape seed. Elk Mound seed is where I got mine and it's the real deal.
It was me last year that planted the canola. The only two brassicas that I will plant from now on are canola and radish. Our deer have never touched a turnip and were slow to accept radish. But now the radishes are just destroyed. They hit the canola well the very first year.
A much appreciated thank you. I planted the Paul Knox ghr,der& ptt and it was beautiful. Not touched,but beautiful. Elk Mound has a 12# bundle that will work well for me. I'm just wondering how early I can plant it. I planted July 22 right before a rain and it's worked out pretty well. I'll have to E fence it for sure.
I was driving the 4 wheeler past the canola test plot and a rabbit and a ground hog bolted for cover. 50 feet away was cowpeas and soybeans and they were eating canola???? Critters love this stuff. I like this stuff more every day.
Canola was going to be the next big thing in ag (biodiesel). A few locals planted it in big fields for a yr or two then it went away. I didn't pay too close attention to it and wildlife but I did consider planting some myself. Glad you posted, you have me reconsidering it. But I don't get rain between the end of June and the start of October so anything that needs an early planting is risky.
I had knee surgery in late September and got another one coming in December. My knee hardware has an FDA recall. So I just got back to check my small test plot of canola. When I planted canola I spread a couple handfuls of GHR. The canola pretty much gone with a few re-growing. The GHR looks fine. My Trail cam took pics till 9/28 and the plot was very popular. Re-set the cams but I'm expecting much. They love this stuff. Gonna need an electric fence on this stuff next year.