Can anyone guess what this buck scored?

I do have quite a few pictures but I am having problems posting, my Mac doesn't like uploading pictures, but there are some other threads about this:

Awesome! Thanks for the thread! I started reading some of it and started getting real excited! I’ve been wanting to read something like this for several years. I’m gonna save it for tomorrow so I can read the whole thing. This thread is even better because it is a lot of different peoples stories. I’ve had my land since 2003. We have close to 1,000 acres, but I started a Facebook group with all the people that have land or hunt land around me. I would guess that we have around 12,000 acres total, or maybe more. The goal was to start a cooperative to try and educate the people that hunt around me about letting our best 2.5’s and 3.5’s walk. This objective hasn’t been very successful, but I’m at least getting to see what trail cam pictures they are getting and I share mine as well. We will give all our best bucks names. It’s been pretty cool seeing how far some of our bucks are traveling, even within a 24 hour period. It’s also helped me figure out that all the bucks I’ve had that disappear from one year to the next are being killed, and I’d say about 80% or more that gets killed are the 2.5’s. We are losing our best 2.5’s every year. On my property we run about 20 cams throughout the year and we usually have two or three superior 2.5 yr olds. Last year we had two of the best 2 year olds that I have ever seen since I’ve had that place. One was probably in the high 120’s and the other was in the high 130’s (this is the one that you saw pictured above). One boy killed both of them and I took it extremely hard! He was a once and a lifetime buck! We have some more pretty nice 2 year olds this year, but they don’t compare to the 2 from last year. It has set us way back! We are getting very few pictures of any bucks that are 3.5.
Thanks again for the thread!

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My biggest Buck (the one in my profile) was taken on Opening Day in Pa back in 1992. There were no restrictions back then. All I saw was yellow on top of his head and shot him.
I figured him for 3-4 years old, but the Taxidermist, whom I trust, sia dby his teeth he was only 1 1/2. WOW what a buck he would of made in a couple of years.
This was way before QDMA was heard of in our area.