Buying Food Plot Inputs - Fertilizer, Seed, Herbicides, Lime....


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Seems like in many parts of the country where we plant, finding the inputs for a food plot at reasonable prices gets harder with the passing of time.

Early in my professional life I ran the local co-op, and while, small lots of product commanded higher margins, we'd break open 50 lb bags of seed and sell it by the pound. Now, around here it's all prepackaged ad commands heafty prices.

I stll stay connected to the agronomy supply business and ran across this list of top AG agronomy input suppliers.
If you're looking local Google a name. See what's close-by.

If you are buying locally and would like to offer a name and location information we could build ourselves a helpful little directory.

Last question, how far do you or would you be willing to drive to buy your footplot inputs?
I'm doing my shopping now, by phone and internet and pricing out product along the route to my lease, which is 2 hours away. I typically buy a couple tons of seed and fertilizer, so I really don't vary far off my route, but have established some good relationships with vendors. I don't always get the best price, but when I figure in the price of fuel and my limited time, I'm content. Mixing my own blends is more of a hobby for me now, so there isn't too much prepackage items I buy.

Thanks for posting the lists!
I am definitely a bargain shopper. I start buying seeds months in advance of planting. This year I got my brassica seeds through Hancock. Free shipping. I can't find them anywhere local. I got my clovers through Green Cover Seeds. The shipping was fairly high, but I got to make a custom blend. That ability to have direct control was worth it to me. I got pelletized lime through Menards. I bought a pallet of it and they actually negotiated the price with me which was nice. I get my fertilizer and cereal grains through the local coop. I do have an advantage as I live 1/2 mile from my plot and it is only an acre. Small time, but it sure is fun. :)
I'm fortunate that there are several local options available for me with competitive pricing. My property is near Clare, MI, and the Johnston Elevator in Clare is where I buy most of my supplies. Cahoons elevator in Midland, MI where I live also has a decent selection, but are a little bit more expensive.

I have had good luck ordering online from Merit Seed and Deer Creek Seed.
I live in heavy ag country so I have a pretty good selection for seed, fertilizer and chemicals. Most are not true retail outlets but they will sell all the same. You have to know what you want, because that is just the way they operate, they are not there to hold your hand....they are there to move product.
I am lucky, there is a co-op 4 miles from my place that is super. If they don't have it they will order it. I can call them in advance and they set it aside for me. Went there 2 weeks ago for some fertilizer and while I was paying for it one of there guys was loading it into my truck for me. Awesome people to do business with! and reasonable prices to boot.
Some seed can be picked up local, but most seed is ordered out of state and shipped to my house for less $. Fertilizer is fairly close, both bagged and bulk. This year, what I had to drive the farthest for was Ammonium Sulfate (AMS). It said "spray grade", but was the dirtiest AMS I've ever seen, though it did work well. Instead of being pure white and disolving clear, it was light grey, disolved grey, and had some small rocks/sand in it. I had to filter it through a old tshirt when pouring into the sprayer. :mad:
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I buy a lot of my fertilizer and seed from Southern States in King William. It's a little different place. Used to be one operation. It's now split into two different businesses.. One side is strictly agronomics and application. The other is more consumer and small farm oriented. Both are very accommodating. The agronomy side will load a fertilizer nurse truck and deliver it to the farm. I auger if off into my spreader. Most all the seed I use I buy from their - either from the agronomic side or the consumer side. Until recently I never ordered seed to be delivered like a common package! Shipping kills!

The reason I mentioned the two sided operation at King William is because it kinda' screwed-up the seed buying for me. No matter what I wanted, they could get it -- in any amount--from one of several Southern States wholesale distribution points. Now, it's more like what we have is what you get. It's like Tractor Supply where I do buy a few things. TSC orders for the season and when it runs out, it usually stays out.

I often wondered if a food plotters coop (and I'm mostly thinking of seed) might make sense? Dreams are short on detail, I know!