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With all of this COVID-19 going on I reached out to them. I was supposed to be getting a order of rootstock next week. I sent them an email and tried calling with no response this week. I hope that everything is ok. I know it hit the Washington area hard. Has anyone else heard anything???
I have not...they may be under a mandatory shutdown but there should be some type of message letting everyone know.
Got my dozen Keiffer Pear trees from Ty Ty Nursery on Friday!
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Have some graft wood coming from them as well. Was communicating via email then nothing. Won’t return calls either. Makes sense. I was hoping they got them out before they shut down but maybe not?


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They have some very bad reviews out there. Care to give a review about them?
Review on Ty Ty Nursery;
I purchased 10 Keiffer Pear trees from Ty Ty Nursery in mid-February, total with their extra 5% discount was $169.84 including shipping. They sent me a total of 4 emails keeping me informed about delivery and the trees arrived on March 19. The tree's arrived pre-pruned, and were still at the 4-5' length, which really impressed me. The thickness of the trees is about a 5/8", and some of the trees are showing a few buds starting. The trees arrived in good condition, well packaged, with no damage or scrape marks. Although I won't have the trees planted until next week I'm well satisfied so far.
I think some of the bad online reviews for nurseries are from people who don't care for their plants properly and take their frustrations out on the seller. These trees arrived in good condition and the ball is in my court now to make it happen.

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I’m in the same boat have apple scions coming from burnt ridge and also 100 antonovka and 50 OHxF97 coming from williamnette and haven’t heard a thing in a week. Already got large order of apple scions in from queener farm out of Oregon but looks like might all be a bust with Washington state supplies.
Good news, they sent me an email over the weekend. They said that all is well and everything is on time! Will be getting my shipment out this week.
Received my graft wood today and just in time too as my chestnuts are budding out as we speak!

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Awesome! I received my first email on Monday, awaiting my second receipt telling me that it shipped. Was hoping that it would have been this week, but guess not. Fingers crossed it’ll be sooner rather than later.
Did my grafting today. Hope they take! Pics to come in another thread.

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