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I guess I'll lead off with a pic of my beans. I believe they were planted about May 28th or so. A little later than last year. The foreground is eagle beans and the background are regular ag beans. Thus far you can see no difference is browse tolerance or growth. The only difference I could see is the ag beans are just starting to flower so beans will come soon.

Here is the largest gobbler sawtooth that I have. Not sure what I was expecting but this wasn't it. Very bushy!

And the only sequin that survived with me doing absolutely nothing for them.
Looks like by this time next year I'll have enough growth under and around this stand to be able to exit completely undetected.

Here's a panoramic from inside the blind of the orchard.

And the only fruit I have this year is on a Hewe's crabapple. I take that back, there was a lone Kieffer pear but I didn't even look for it this trip.
I made another path through my pines. I have paths coming from both directions now, I just need to link them up.

I liked this pic just because me driving into the farm on the other side of this field is what caused this bear to start up the tree. If only I had known that at the time.

And a pic of one of my Dunstan Chestnuts. These really aren't doing all that well. They are in full sun on a ridge top opening. I believe the soil just dries out too much for them. These are also way more bushy than I expected. I know they are supposed to be 1/15th chinese but they definitely look more chinese to me.
Beans look great and that's some thick ground cover in those pines. Bet deer feel safe in there.
Beans look great and that's some thick ground cover in those pines. Bet deer feel safe in there.
Either side of this pockets of pines is my best hunting. Deer can and do show up at any time. I'm trying to help guide them through it to make it more huntable. Very hard to see much that isn't really close in there.
Nice looking. Interesting about the beans, see how they each perform thru this year. Glad you have your bears trained.
This appears to be the oldest buck I have thus far this year.

Another with a similar rack.

Some nice tine length on this one.

And the last one. Standing in the orchard before I finally got it mowed this past weekend.

Oh, did I mention, the farm is for sale! Special pre-realtor pricing if anyone is interested...
What happens after the sell of the farm? Those bears will miss you being up in a tree for them to scare.
No plans guys. Just flying by the seat of my pants!

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Some nice looking deer. Love the bear pic but happy he is at your place and not mine. It is really nice to be away from the hogs and bears I grew up with but I do occasionally miss them.
Good to see this thread going again. Selling the farm? Best of luck whatever direction you're going.
Glad to see you here Gator! Nice bucks you have roaming Buried Fletchings. Best of luck in selling your farm.
Got some fall plantings done yesterday despite the near 100 degree temps!

Quite the dust cloud behind the cultipacker!

Soybeans continue to be hammered. This pic is Eagles but they aren't doing any better than regular ag beans and with a lot less beans. I really hope they stay green well into Oct as they are supposed to.

I'm completely forgetful these days and forgot to take the ground blind so that I could brush it in now and have it ready for the Oct 1 opening. The bucks are showing religiously every afternoon right beside the normal blind location...

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