Buckwheat double crop

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I am hoping to plant a buckwheat plot Saturday since rain is forecasted this weekend. This is a new plot that was wooded but cleared enough to allow enough sunlight.

If I let the buckwheat go to seed, can I mow it and expect a decent second crop? Or should I add more buckwheat seed before I mow the first buckwheat crop?
I can get 2 crops of buckwheat a year and i'm in the middle of NC. I have found that if you have a good stand of buckwheat that mowing works good. If the stand is thin, then lightly running a disc over it works better than mowing. Your second crop will mature faster because of the heat.
That’s good news ncnat!

I’m a little north of you in southwest VA so our spring/summer climates should be similar.
If your buckwheat is browsed heavily as mine was by both turkey and deer I'm afraid your second stand will be sparse. This has been my experience.
The first year I grew buckwheat it wasn’t browsed much if at all. The second year they hit it much harder but I still got a good stand. I haven’t planted any the last 2 years but plan to again this year. I’ve noticed fawns tend to spend a lot of time in it.
On smaller plots they hammer my buckwheat, not much makes it to seed. Doing a couple larger fields this year. Interested to see how they do.