Buck tag filled


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It’s been a great state archery hunt so far. Lots of action every hunt and I was able to hang my either sex tag on a great buck. Not my biggest Axis ever but by far my best during the February state archery hunt. The bucks are in velvet and typically have some growing left.

I will miss these island red dirt roads.





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I know you didn’t ask me, but I’m qualified to answer. Yes, but better. The only thing I’ve ever eaten that compares is elk. Axis meat is delicious ! I have a little left in my freezer but March 15 I’ll be headed out to get another Axis doe.
I agree. Axis meat is some of the finest meat I have ever tasted.
It’s an older (8 or 10 years) Mystery Ranch NICE frame. I have 3 bags for the same frame. A day pack (pictured), hauler and 6500.

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I have a Redhead Spike Camp pack that's very similar to the Mystery Ranch Nice 6500. This plastic frame pack is a great heavy hauler with enough room to pack supplies for a week at a very reasonable price.