BSK....Are you out there?

Crimson n' Camo

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I just thought I'd give a try. I always missed your insight after you left the forums I participate on. I thought you might be silently watching the fiasco of late and if so I was hoping I could persuade you to participate on the new forum now that its not associated with QDMA anymore. You are one of the best voices out there for science and truth and you express it in a way that very few others can. :)
I never walk up to a trail cam anymore. I always drive up, and I believe it has made a huge difference on mature buck pics I get. That one post he made was worth so much.
I don't know him but I left him a PM on a forum he is on. I believe he lives in Nashville, TN and we are about 30 to 35 miles apart.

If I get a reply I will share what I find out. He is one of the leading posters on the forum.
Yep....Steve does remind me a lot of BSK. I was hoping maybe we could get the best of both worlds. It makes for some really good conversations when you bring together those kinds of minds.

More the merrier in that regard, as far as I'm concerned. I've only seen a few of his posts, as I was always going to do a search on him, but never made the time. I hope he does show up. Every impression I've gotten from others is that he would be a valuable addition.

Thanks for the kind words, guys!