Brassica question


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A brassica seed ended up in my garden when I put some rye and oat seed down, August 21st. (Decent turnip production in my opinion)3D3E15A9-C341-4AF9-B58B-17702039A036.jpeg

I know you shouldn’t plant brassica’s 2 years in a row. But is that for a solid stand of them? If I did a mix with rye, oats, red clover, and other stuff, could I plant brassica year after year?

Solid stands just aren’t working for me since the deer wipe them out before the season even starts.


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Ive done it 2-3 years in a row many times. No problems. And I usually plant with just one other thing. Usually clover.
You may introduce some fungal issues if you have a lot of left overs in the field, and brassicas take up a ton of nitrogen and micronutrients like boron.
My deer leave nothing behind in a radish or rape patch so the fungal thing doesn’t worry me. I’d think you’d be fine planting your mix for a few years at least.

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I planted brassicas for 10 years in a row in Iowa with good results. I rotated in weeds, clover, and rye spring and early summer then brassicas in in July.



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A mix helps keep bad issues to minimum or none at all. It works even better if you have summer plots. I try and plant a mix in the summer also, to help keep problems at bay. This mix also includes weeds. I don’t like lots of weeds and will either mow or spray depending.

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