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I was at my local archery range and ran in to some guys who were shooting Hoyt. When it was time to retrieve our arrows. They immediately walked over and examined my bow first word out of the guys mouth was you shoot pretty shity equipment I ignored it cause I love my pse. As the day went on they insisted I shoot their bows so I could see what a real bow felt like. In the end I still like my pse and now have a dislike for Hoyt owners.

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Bad people in every group... I've shot Hoyt, PSE, Bear, Bowtech, Parker, and Matthews bows. I've shot league. And? Who gives a crap what anyone else thinks? Let it ride. The bow doesn't make the man. The man makes the man. When all I could afford was my cheap Nova I outshot many of the higher end bows. Since I could afford a higher end bow I have been outshot by younger guys with less twitch, steadier arms, and better eyesight with their less expensive "inferior" bows. Like I said, let it ride brother. We have those types in every group.
Not all guys Hoyt owners are like this. Sounds like just some bad apples...

I have shot Hoyt, PSE, High Country, and Bowtech and have liked them all. Most all of my buddies shoot Matthews and nobody ever says anything about anyone else's equipment...
The engineering on bows manufactured by different companies has gone to another universe in the last 25 years. Amazing progress.

To me the most important decision about a bow is to get it setup and tuned to the shooter. Draw length, choice of arrows, choice of broadhead, style suitable to the shooter, etc.

The mouthy owners of the Hoyt bows that you encountered are seen no matter where you travel. Not the kind of guys I want in my hunting crew. Sorry for your encounter. It ain't Hoyt - it is their attitude and behavior as an individual.

Many excellent bows on the market - get one setup for any of us right and we are in business. Would be funny to watch a young kid with a lower end bow ('cause that is what he can afford) to school the guys you had to endure in an archery competition. :rolleyes:

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I tease my friends in a similar manner, but friends is the key word. They know I'm not really bound to a brand in that "my tribe is better than your tribe" fashion. bow mentor shoots a PSE and he has killed so many animals in so many states! When he talks, I listen, trust me!
I brought my Hoyt Aspen in for a new string and the bow shop owner told me something to the affect that this thing is so out of date it isn't worth messing with. I told him it could do all I wanted or needed and more. He told me the newer ones shoot so much easier and more accurately. I told him to go ahead and put the new string on that the old bow can't shoot at the same target twice as it is with out damaging arrows so more accuracy was not needed. He just shook his head like I was the idiot.

He is a technical expert on bows so I just put up with. It appeared that he was so sure more accuracy was needed and never considered my (his customers feelings). At the time he was pushing Mathews which he insisted I shoot. I shot it and it was a great bow but way too short for a finger shooter. And all the old out of date Hoyt needed was a new string.

So I'm a Hoyt owner and have never knocked another guys equipment. All bow shop owners don't act arrogant and all Hoyt owners are not rude.
I think they might have just been raggin you. Just some shop talk/range banter. Certainly PSE is a great bow but who cares if you happy. Personally I like dudes like that since I can pad my back pocket usually. No problem with me to shoot for money, wouldn't be the first time to embarrass a SA.
Bows are like women. Some like redheads, some like blondes, some like brunettes. My uncle sells all the bows mentioned above and thus could hunt with anyone he wanted. He shoots a PSE. When a customer comes in looking for a new bow he starts with PSE and moves from there. It's personal preference.
Everybody knows that Elite makes the best bow .

I wouldn't worry about what anybody said at the archery range. Shoot what fits you best. Lots of great bows available from lots of manufacturers.

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One of my greatest joys in life is beating a bunch of guys with $3000 shotguns at trap or sporting clays with a spray painted 870 turkey special with a 21" barrel. There can be some good side money in it (the first time). I have a wingmaster I am working on that doesn't have spray paint but it seems awful fancy!

And I shoot a Hoyt that replaced my old PSE.:D
I am a Hoyt owner and have been for several years. I shot PSE before that. Just depends on what bow feels comfortable to a person. There aren't many companies making junk these days. I tend to see that elitist attitude from Mathews guys around here. I just can't warm up to a Mathews, I just don't like the way they feel. It certainly doesn't make them junk. I could care less what anyone else shoots. Some people are just jackasses.
Shooting is one thing. Getting a trophy in front of your stand and making the shot is quite another. Not in the same category as far as i am concerned.
I agree Fish. I have seen a ton of guys that have fancy bow shooting trophy's and things of the like sitting on their mantle. I have also seen guys like that not be able to hit the broad side of a barn when poop gets real. I saw guys just this past season that were supposedly seasoned pros flat out miss or wound animals. Maybe sometimes too much confidence can hurt when it comes to real world hunting experiences. Big difference from a immovable foam object and a high strung real deer.
As far as guys running their mouths about your junk equipment. Let it run off your shoulders. In this day and age just dang near every bow manufacturer puts out a good product, most of which are comparable to the big dogs equipment. For me it always comes down to what bow fits me best, I can usually tell before I even shoot it. I have shot XI, High Country, Mathews, Bow Tech and now Obsession all of which were good shooting bows at their time. My new Obsession is the best feeling bow in the hands that I have ever owned, but that is for me, someone else might grab the same bow and hate the feel. My first time shooting this bow I was wanting to shoot a group and I fired the first arrow at a dot on the target, the second arrow took off the fletching of the first arrow and the 3rd arrow center punched the first arrow. So any bow can be a good bow.
My last three bows that I've owned have been Hoyts, and that has been for the last 12 years. Before that I owned Parker, High Country, and Browning. Each time that I was in the market for a new stick and string I would look at every manufacturer's offerings and compare them without any favoritism to any brand. For the most part, most shoppers don't do this. They choose a manufacturer based on popularity, or brand loyalty. In these days there really isn't a bad bow in my opinion. Like JDunham mentioned, I've found the Mathews shooters to be the most elitest of the bunch around my neck O' the woods. One shooter I know that shoots Mathews gives me grief every time I run into him, and tells me that I need to switch to Mathews because they are the best bow going. Usually I just brush him off and try to change the subject, but the last time I saw him I asked if he had shot any other bow before buying his last bow, and he told me that he's never shot another bow than a Mathews. He say's "there's no need to". That's the sole definition of a bow snob in my opinion.
IMG_1401.JPG Show this to your Mathews buddies. Didn't fact check it but it was on Facebook so I figure it's true.
I think of it like this, I work on cars for a living, and people ask me all the time what's best.
I tell them drive what looks good to you and has the features you want, because when they work how they are supposed to, they are all good, and when they break or don't work the way they are supposed to, they are all piles of crap.
All the years I shot PSE that is what buddies and random guys both would tell me PSE stood for. I always fired back that was not true at all, that it actually stands for Pull Shoot Eat.

Shoot an Obsession now and won't be looking to change any time soon.