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So Tuesday morning started off really slow. I had grunted and rattled a few times throughout the morning. Around 0830 finally had a doe and button buck come out feeding on white oak acorns. Doe stayed in the thick circling one particular tree and they eventually went back deeper in the woods. Few minutes later I heard chasing back deeper going through a wet glade. Every time they would quit running, I'd call either a grunt or can call. Finally a couple of does popped out closer to me but they looked like they were trying to sneak away from the rough housing going on back there. At some point I guess the buck slipped by but when it got quiet again, I banged the antlers together. No sooner than I put them down and he comes strolling out looking for a fight. Had another big pine tree in front of me that gave me the perfect opportunity to draw back. Got a shot on him at maybe 10 yards broadside but I didn't even try to stop him since I was so low on the tree, maybe 12 feet, up a giant white oak with my climber on the very last notches. As he was running off, noticed the shot was back just a little bit. Texting my buddy to tell him when I hear more chasing back in the glade so I decide to go ahead and nock another arrow. I don't normally stay up, I'm one that jumps down and checks out the arrow right away and proceed from there. Anyway, doe comes strolling out and walks right under me. I have to let her walk under and past before I can attempt to draw. Major quartering away shot but the arrow buried in the off shoulder. Buck was difficult to find as he didn't bleed much at all but this is how I found him.



And of course I didn’t take any doe pics....

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That's awesome Gator! I bet draggin him was easy till you hit the bank!

Actually the opposite as once I gutted him I was worried about letting that swamp water get in....

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Congrats Gator...that’s a great big old 8 pointer...I found one I shot with a bow that looked almost just like him in a deep hole of water in a creek once. Mine was completely submerged but I could see a mass at the bottom in the center so I took a chance and stripped down and waded out in that chest deep 40 degree water and when I felt him with my foot I knew it was him....good times....

Thanks for the story and pictures. I bet your blood was pumping!
I like it. Nice buck too.
I shot a doe one time that ran into a creek and went down. Then she went down stream under the ice. I liked to never found her. I had to wade in and break the ice to get to her.