Best Rubber Boots for Hunting?

Decided on a pair of LaCrosse Men's 18" Grange Hunting Boots. Purchased on Amazon for $75. They are very light and feel comfortable when trying them on. Haven't had a chance to use them in the field. If they hold up for a couple of years I think I'll be happy.
Been wearing that exact boot for years. You're gonna love them. Even wear them pheasant hunting in SD. They're that comfortable.
Thanks for the recommendation TC. Hope your recovery continues to go well!

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I used to buy the Cabelas brand rubber boots, something like 1200 gram thinsulate. They were alright but always ended up cracking within a couple of years right across the top where your toes meet your foot and they werent that warm. Bought a pair of Field and Stream neoprene 1000 gram thinsulate boots at Academy Sports. I have neoprene chest waders and they always have done well for me in terms of warmth and durability. So far I really like them. This will be the second hunting season with that pair.
I never could wear rubber boots, they were always too tight across my insteps. That is until I tried the La Crosse Aeroheads. I really like them for early season and running traps. Very comfortable with a " brush guard " on the front. They come in two thicknesses, but I have the lesser insulation because I normally won't wear them if it's really cold. Had mine three years now and they are in excellent shape, no leaks.
Muck chore steel toe to work in and muck wetlands to hunt in. When they wear out I'll buy the same again. I'm very happy with them.