Best Rubber Boots for Hunting?


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I need a new pair of rubber boots for hunting. What boots do you recommend? I hunt in South Carolina so insulation isn't that important. I want boots that are comfortable and will last a few seasons.
I use a knock off neoprene, Muck type of boot from Academy Sports. Much more comfortable than the old fashioned rubber boots, and don't smell nearly as strong.
Best? probably not! For what it is worth I like the Mucks. Just the 'wetlands'. Plenty warm for my feet, till it is time to get out the pack boots.
I have two pairs of muck and a pair of red wings. 1 muck pair is insulated and the other I just bought, the claim is they help to keep your foot cooler, not sure about that but they are comfy. The red wings I also just bought on clearance at a deer show, they also claim to keep you cool. Plan to test them during this up coming bear season.
I have a pair of Muck Wetlands. I bought them last fall. They are comfortable but I'm not so sure about the durability. I didn't wear them much for hunting last fall because they had that new smell but I wore them quite a bit for shed hunting. One of the first times shed hunting I had a stick poke through the neoprene. I have a few spots on them that leak where sticks or whatever has tore up the neoprene. I put shoe goo on those spots and they are fine for now.
Son bought me UA about 4 years ago. Wear the heck out of them until it just gets too cold. Love them.
I love my mucks so far. I have a pair of their "wetlands" boots and I really like them. I had bought lacrosse previously, but I had quality/warranty issues with their "Alpha Burly" boots and told them to go pound sand. The issue I had was they would only last about a year before they would leak (the rubber would crack and seems would start to fail - and at the price they should last longer than that. I called them the first time and they replaced them for free, but when the second pair went bad in the same manner I called them again and they told me that the second pair was ONLY to cover the original warranty and essentially I was out of luck. That's not how you take care of a customer that's spending $150 of more for a pair of rubber boots in my opinion. Maybe I just got into a bad batch - I don;t know - it happens in large volume manufacturing.....but how you treat your customers says a lot about the company. They expected me to pay another $150 for another years worth of use......NO, not happening. Not after I saw that 2 consecutive pair each failed in less than a years time.
I have been using the same pair of Lacrosse Alpha boots for the past 3 seasons with no issues whatsoever but they are kept indoors and aren't stuck between the cab and bed of my truck like you see so many folks do where the sun beats them mercilessly. They are comfortable and absolutely waterproof and like you I really don't need a lot of insulation. I used to use Bogg boots and these are definitely an upgrade... BTW I use them throughout the year and not just hunting season...
Mucks all the way. Have about five different models including their hip boots. Very comfortable and the main reason I like them is they are easy to take off.
I bought a pair of the Field and Stream knockoffs for 65 bucks on sale and put a pair of Dr Scholls gell insoles in them. Super comfy. Pain to take off though.
For non-insulated, which is about all season long for us, I've worn LaCrosse Grange boots for a very long time. They are the uninsulated version. I love them. You can feel just about anything under your feet. They don't snag. And they last a long time. On top of all that they are extremely comfortable. The ankle section is relatively snug and they won't slide up and down. I've been to SD several times shooting pheasant and folks look at me kinda weird with the LaCrosse boots on. I take them because they are that comfortable to walk in for long distances.

For colder weather, I have a pair of Mucks. I like them equally as well for colder days. They are a little more stiff in the foot area than my LaCrosse but they are bulkier with nice insulation. Keeps my feet warm and waterproof as well.
The standard around here appears to be Dunlops which are $$$.

I opted for
They use the same tech, were less $$$, and were available in farm supply stores. Always a good sign. These are -40 boots and so far so good after a few years. They are big, heavy and clumsy but you get used to them. They main thing is durablity and warmth. I got a size larger and added liners. That and 2 pair of socks makes them very good boots compared to the ones that lasted a few weeks before splitting or puncturing. I even wear them in the summer because they don't puncture. I haven't tried walking miles in them but many do.
Bekina has many styles based on the same tech that may be better for the south.
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