Best Guess on Age & Score x 2


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I got two bucks that are very close, so close I thought they were the same until I noticed the lopped off ear on the one.

Anyway I have got some real good pics of the one and decent pics of the other. These are Florida Panhandle Deer so I’m not sure of their Age.

So give me a hand, what do you think?

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Thanks for the comments. I waited to see if others would reply as well before posting again.

I figured him for 3 even though he wasn’t showing any belly drop yet. But because this is Florida he looks better than most I have seen.

This two are the best I’ve seen on cam so far. I was thinking of taking one of them but might re-think my plans and take one of the smaller bucks and select Does instead. Try giving them another year and see what happens.

My boy hasn’t ever got much so I’ll let him take whatever makes him happy.