Best electric UTV?


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I'm going to be in the market for an electric UTV in the next year or two. Does anyone have any recommendations? My terrain is pretty steep so I need one that can handle steep hills and deep ditches. I would need one capable of a 5 mile round trip under fairly heavy load. Also I would be looking for a deal on a used one. I've not heard great things about the bad boy buggies but will keep an open mind either way. Thanks!

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Where are you located? performance east in NC has a used polaris ranger electric for like $5000 i believe.

I live in Huntsville AL. That's a good price from what I've seen, but I haven't read enough reviews to know if that's what I want yet. Thanks!

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I've had my Polaris EV for 2 years now. It's great and I've had no issues with it. Just like these forums for habitat , there are forums for the EV's. Tips and tricks to save you money and get better performance and battery life.