AU Buck Chestnuts


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I received an email from The Wildlife Group advertising their 2017 AU Buck Chestnut package. It includes 5 trees, shipping, tubes, and weed mats for freaking $300!

My experience with these trees has not been very positive. They are grafted, and the grafts often break in shipping, from weather events, birds, etc. I’ve also had numerous trees die above the grafts and resprout from the trunk, which means they are now just really expensive Chinese Chestnuts. All my trees are watered during the summer, tubed/caged, and have weed mats.

This is just a heads up to anyone looking at this package. In general I love The Wildlife Group and Allen Deese is a pleasure to work with, but these trees are not my favorite. I do love their pears though.

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My trees from the package a few years ago all ultimately died and resprouted from the Chinese rootstock. I think they have changed the way they graft since then. I guess I will try the package again this year.
I saw the price of that package and I about $h*t in my britches! I'm sure they're great trees, but I can't justify dropping that much scrilla on a mere handful of trees.

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I was 100% committed to buying the buck IV package this year but the price changed my mind. I haven't owned my property long enough to know exactly where I'd put that type of tree investment. If I knew exactly where I wanted to put them I think I would have pulled the trigger. Maybe next year.