Mike Story

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Ok I've been bow Hunting for only four years. I got a used Mathews 3d vapor which is an 1999 solo cam. Anyway I just bought a new Halon 32 last night. I've always shot the 340 gold tip arrows. My question is these arrows are only 8.8 grams per inch. Is this ok or should I go to a little heavier arrow? My halon is set at 60lbs and 28inch draw. Thanks
340 should spine pretty close for you, depending on broadhead weight. I recommend at least 450-500 total grains for whitetail, so you could get there, but you would really have to push the broadhead weight up. Lots of guys shoot lighter arrows than that, but I always ere on the side of a heavier arrow for better penetration when bone is encountered.
The problem I seen with the 340 is most are around 9 per inch that is only 261 which with even 125 broadheads only adds up to 386 which I thought was little lite.
Are you planning to shoot fixed or mechanical heads? If mechanical, you will have more room to play with shortening shaft length. That will help if you decide to load the front of the shaft with heavier inserts. For example, I am playing with some new setups and one arrow is an axis 340 cut to 26.5" with a 50 grain insert and 100 grain head. The bow is 67 pounds and my draw is 29". I shoot spitfire heads. That gets me a shaft that is 431 grains with an foc of 15 or 16.

Spend the time make sure you have the bow tuned then decide on your arrow i.e. Gold tip, axis, etc. Then make up test arrows one or two at a time not a whole dozen. When you settle on the arrow that is flying the best, make any needed re-tuning adjustments and then finish making up your arrows.

I also like a little heavier arrow, the one mentioned above is on the light end for me. Also prefer to push the foc up higher than normal as it really does enhance down range accuracy and penetration. The one other thing is that more times than not a shaft that is slightly stiff will yield better results than one that is slightly weak. My example above is slightly weak but flies good. Next arrow will be Alan axis 300 with 75 grain insert. It will be a little heavier and a little stiffer. I expect that will be the one I settle on.
Yeah i ended up buying some gold tip velocity 340. Got to finish getting the bow all sighted in. After that I was thinking of going to the bow shop and getting a fee different arrows and testing them. I'd like to get the weight up a little bit.