Badger broadheads - anyone else tried them?

Triple C

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Last year, dogghr posted a thread with pics profiling the damage a 2-blade, single bevel broadhead on a deer he harvested. If my memory serves me correctly, he heart shot the deer and the broadhead continued rotating through the heart looking like an S. I've only taken 1 doe and 2 pigs since taking up the recurve in 2014. All 3 were shot with 3 blade fixed heads and no pass thrus. They did their job. After he posted his thread, I decided to try the single bevel design and chose the broadheads pictured above. The blades are offset from one another and supposedly add no drag to the fletchings natural spin rate. I've been target shooting the past 2 weekends and one very noticeable difference with these heads is the amount of twist that is in the foam target when you pull out the arrow. With most broadheads, you simply pull straight back. With these, the actually twist out. The amount of rotation is quite amazing. I'm shooting the 125 grain with Gold Tip 400s with 75 grain inserts up front. Arrows are cut to 29". Bow weight is 48#.

Another thing I've noticed is it is easier to sharpen with the single bevel. Anyone else ever shot these heads?
Been a single bevel guy for several years now, but haven't shot the Badger. I used to shoot Abowyers, but switched to Cutthroat broadheads last season simply because of the single piece design. I have had broadheads inserts bend or fail on many occasions. It is very rare that I don't pass through every critter that I shoot with my recurve.
TripleC, I bought some single bevel heads this year because of that same thread. I went with grizzly.

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Thinking back on that thread that showed the pics of the damage the single bevel heads did on the internal organs of the deer, I don't recall if it was dogghr or doctorbrady that posted that thread. Pretty sure it was one of them. Interesting to see how single bevel heads continue to rotate thru the animal causing additional hemorrhaging. Shooting these badger heads, I am really surprised at how much they rotate into the target. You kinda have to screw them out the way they went it. Looking forward to turning one loose on a deer. Had a great opportunity this past Saturday afternoon during my 1st sit this year but just decided to watch em feed on acorns around my stand. The thought of butchering in 80 plus degree weather helped make the decision to not shoot. Enjoyed watching them just the same.
I had posted the "anatomy of a marginal hit" thread. Not sure if that's the one you are referring to Triple C.