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What are some ways that you show appreciation to landowners that allow you to hunt their property?
What kind of things can you offer to do to help maintain/improve their property?
Fix fence, bottle of high end wiskey, coffee, fresh fish/deer/quail... I make it a point to bring landowners and their wife's something around Christmas (making their wife happy may be the best thing you can do, they often have more say-so than you can imagine).

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1) Offer to help. I don't mean say "hey, let me know if you ever need help around here." Show up and be ready to work.

2) Treat their property even better than they do.
If you have kids that hunt, buy a country ham and have one of your kids, along with you, deliver it to the landowner. Make sure the kids smile and thank them properly.

People live too fast these days and saying Thank You Respectfully goes a long ways.