Apple Scions?


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Trying my hand in grafting some this Spring. Already ordered some rootstock from Burnt Ridge. I’m curious to some of your guys favorite varieties of apples to graft. Do some take better than others? I’m meeting with a family friend who claims he has over 100 different Apple species that he has grafted, but also wanted yalls opinion!
Make your choices based on disease resistance. If you choose the wrong varieties, it won't matter whether they take or not - because your results won't meet your expectations. You will end up with nothing, very little or being a slave to spraying until the day you die.

If that guy has over 100 apples, I would expect him to have some knowledge on disease resistance and be able to guide you. Tell him you want apples that produce well without being sprayed and also tell him the time frames you desire for the apples to drop. If he can't help with this, get back with me and I will assist.

Best wishes.