Anyone roll crimp cover crops?

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Well I have been studying my siol test this year and my PH is finally in the high 6s calling for no lime.... I have been looking into my organic matter% and been comparing the differnce ranges we have. I noticed where I didnt spray and just drilled over summer cover crops my organic matter is much higher than my others, 6.5 versus 3.7 where I have been spraying since im anual about weeds. Seen where crop rollers are to really help with building up the soil and not using spray. Just looking into this now and checking to see if anyone here uses these?
Yes sir. I bought a crimper last fall. Have only used it thru the fall rotation but am very excited to try it out on this spring on the rye and wheat fields. Been using various cover crop rotations for years and am hoping the crimper takes it to the next level.

While my crimper was designed to go on the 3 pt hitch we designed and built a jig to use it on the fel. Thus I can crimp and plant at the same time. I'll report as we start the spring rotation.

As a aside I just ordered seeds for spring planting which could be starting as early as late next week. The cover crop mix this year is:
sunn hemp, cow peas, soybeans, buckwheat, and sunflowers. That being drilled directly to rye crimson radish turnip Mix.
Here's a picture that may offer visual reference to the possibilities. Sunn hemp being crimped in Sept.

I'm saying he was rolling then planting from the looks of it. I'd love to have one on my loader.
Ha. Probably just hadn't had morning coffee yet. In line with the op's question about building soil and not spraying , this hill is the sandiest most well drained soil I have. My strategy is that I planted the hill in straight sunn hemp...15 lbs/acre. last summer. I then crimped and planted straight rye...150 lbs/acre on it . No spraying. Plenty of thatch . Now the rye is chest high. Very shortly I will crimp and drill soybeans in it. All this attempting to build om and get a little more structure to the soil. Soybeans now so I will not have too much thatch this fall.Then this fall I'm going to plant it in alfalfa.

I've planted alfalfa several times in other areas. Does ok. Doesn't like wet feet. And frankly for here I've found clover/chicory combo's work better. But, I like the idea of alfalfa and I like to experiment. Story to continue.
Thank you Baker. Is it heavy enough to push through small high spots in your fields? Im making a land leveler to help smooth out my plots more.
Thank you Baker. Is it heavy enough to push through small high spots in your fields? Im making a land leveler to help smooth out my plots more.
The crimper is filled with water making it quite heavy. But it doesn't really level the ground much. My ground has some small hills and rolls but the crimper does little to level.

The land leveler will do much better. One problem I've had with that approach though is where the tops of small hills were leveled off nothing grows. This is because I have fairly lousy soil and when the little top soil I have is removed it takes a long time to recover.